Rick Perry’s Scandals

Perry’s Drug Mandate Scandal

In 2006, Perry ordered all Texas schoolgirls receive a controversial new vaccine against HPV. Parents and the Texas legislature were up in arms, and details emerged about the connections between Perry staff, campaign contributions and the drugmaker Merck. For more on this scandal, please click here to read our dossier.

Rick’s Dirty Deals

Perry has spent almost all his career as a politician, so how did he become a millionaire? He’s had connections help him out along the way.

Hands Off Our Land

The Trans-Texas Corridor was a huge boondoggle: his vision of superhighways cris-crossing the state was a nightmare for landowners and taxpayers. The government would have seized millions of acres of land, let a foreign company collect the tolls, and was rife with corruption.


While the Governor’s mansion is under repair, Rick Perry is spending state money to put himself up in a lavish, $10,000 rental mansion with all the amenities

Rick Thinks You’re a Sucker

Perry rails against the evils of Washington spending while advocating Texas-style fiscal responsibility, but then took stimulus dollars to balance the state budget. In fact, Texas was the most dependent of all the states on federal dollars.

Face Us

Rick Perry was a coward for refusing to debate gubernatorial for Bill White. Why was he afraid to face Texans? What didn’t he want to talk about?

Four More Years?

Texans have the second highest homeowners insurance rates in the nation. Perry has refused to take on the big insurance companies, letting profits soar while consumers get gouged.

Our Homes First

Millions of federal FEMA dollars intended to reimburse state expenses for Hurricane Ike budgeted instead to repair the lavish Governors mansion!

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