We’re tired of how our state has been run down into the ground and sold out to big business interests at the expense of hardworking Texas families.  The system we have now is broken, where a few, favorite “good ol’ boys” take all the perks and stick us with the tab.  Now is the time for us Texans to say “NO!” to big business interests taking over our government, and take our government back to make it work for US instead of for them.

Big business special interests, creeping government intrusion, and regular budget shortfalls are some of the biggest threats to our freedom and independence as Texans.  After years of government of, by and for the special interests, we find ourselves paying skyrocketing utility rates and homeowner insurance premiums.  Many families can’t afford college tuition costs.

We’re working against self-serving politicians who work hand-in-hand with special interests to starve our schools, shortchange our kids, and ignore our families, strugglingjust to make ends meet.  These politicians don’t represent us, and with your help, we’ll restore some plain common sense to that big, pink, domed building in Austin. It’s time to demand a state government that works for US, and it’s time to get back to basics.

We at Back To Basics are committed to exposing and ending the hypocrisy of self-serving politicians, and will shed light on who these politicians are really working for—themselves and their pals instead of hardworking Texans. Join us at Back To Basics to make Texas a place where Texas families can prosper and thrive without being squeezed from both ends by hypocritical politicians and special interests.

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