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A Crack in Perry’s Armor

Imagine walking into your local community bank and seeing someone in a ski mask waving a handgun. You’d likely be frozen in fear, understandably worried about your future and your family.

But what if you looked closer and realized the source of your horror was just a 15-year old kid waving a leaky water pistol?  And what if that dynamite strapped to his chest turned out to be harmless road flares held together with duct tape and twine? Would you sit idly by, and let your terrible tormentor walk off with your hard-earned money? Or would you stand up, and say “this has got to stop!”

Texans are a proud, strong, people with a history of fierce independence and courage to do what is right. That is why it is so important to take a look a look at the government around us, to stand up for our families and our future, and to tell the politicians in power that we will not let them risk the future of our state any more.

New poll numbers today show what millions of us already know: Rick Perry is a weakened, failed leader. His disastrous bid for the Presidency harmed not only his own reputation, but Texas’ too. These new numbers show one of his lowest approval ratings ever — lower even than President Obama’s 43% approval in our state. And it is not just Democrats and Independents tired of Perry’s failures. His support among Republicans is down too; in fact, 6 out of 10 Texas Republicans don’t believe he should even run for governor again.

These numbers come as no surprise to many Texans. Less than two years ago, in March of 2010, nearly half of Texas Republicans voted against Rick Perry in his own party’s primary election. And yes, he’s famous for having never lost an election in his home state, but he has always been one of the weakest Republican candidates on the ticket.

From his infamous “Oops” to national attention to his long record of crony capitalism, Rick Perry has never been weaker than he is today. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Some Texans have stood up and demanded that the Perry campaign use its deep pockets to repay taxpayers the millions of tax dollars spent to support his Presidential race. But we can’t stop there.  Are Texans going to sit by and allow Rick Perry to collect his state salary, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars in so-called, legally-questionable “retirement” pay? Are we going to keep paying $10,000 per month in rent, so that he can live the high-life in a mansion in the west Austin hills, while school districts around the state continue to lay off teachers? Will we put up with revelation after revelation, each worse than the next, about state contracts being awarded crony capitalist campaign contributors, while our families struggle with rising utility costs and statewide water crisis?

At the Back to Basics PAC, we work every day to take our government back from the failed and corrupt politicians who put their own greed ahead of what is right for Texas. And in 2012, we’ll be working harder than ever. But we cannot be successful without your help. So please, share this post on facebook, follow us on twitter, or share with friends and family.

Towards a better Texas, together.


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